Heal, nourish & thrive
Heal, nourish & thrive

My Collective Compass® is a knowledge and coaching hub empowering people to tune into their body, mind and mood.


We help you to gain a deeper understanding of holistic and natural wellness approaches to heal, nourish and thrive. 


Reduce your risk of illness


Manage modern-day stresses


Bring more joy to your life

Holistic health and wellness is a practice that considers a person as a whole - mind, body and spirit - to support strong wellbeing and get the root cause of any issues.

Benefits of a holistic approach include...
Start your journey to holistic health & wellness...
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Workplace wellness programmes

Support your employee's health & wellness

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One-to-one health coaching programmes

Kick-start your health and wellbeing by working with a certified coach

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Group health and wellness programmes

Benefit from peer support in our group programmes led by a certified coach

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What clients say

"Katrina approached everything in a clear and methodical manner which made it easy to understand and really wants to help in every way to make you better - this enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject is infectious and gives you all the tools you need to be better with a secure structure around you and with an approachable and passionate coach."