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Frequently asked questions

You might not of worked with a health coach or My Collective Compass before. Here's some answers to FAQs which you might find helpful.

What does a health coach do?

A health coach is your ally, support and resource with expertise in wellness. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, we help to identify where you'd like to be and together we'll work through robust frameworks to get there through individual lifestyle changes.

How can a health coach help me?

A health coach works with you based on your individual needs - we don't believe in a one-size / diet / lifestyle approach fits all health and wellness. 


We know that a healthy lifestyle is more than what you eat and how you move - it’s about all aspects of your life that impact you daily - your relationships, your mind, your career, your spiritually and your environment.

At My Collective Compass, our health coaches are here to help you connect to your body, learn to listen to its cues about what it needs and create new lasting habits that will lead you to becoming the happiest version of you, long-term. 

What falls outside of health coaching?

During our work together, it may become necessary to discuss referral options to medical, psychological, nutritional and other health-related services for more information and/or advice or treatment. Whilst we don't diagnose, prescribe or treat, we can help you to follow through and implement any treatment plans, recommendations, lifestyle prescriptions that you receive from these other professionals.

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