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Partner with a health coach to become more aligned with what your body & mind needs to heal, nourish & thrive. 
Kick-start your health

Kick-start your health and lifestyle with 1:1 coaching sessions. Working together on your holistic journey, you will become more aligned with what your body and mind needs for improved long-term wellbeing.


Book a free discovery call with Katrina today. 

Heal your gut

Rebalance your body to restore wellness from digestive discomfort, brain fog, or dealing with many common allergies. Together, we you will learn to tune in to what your body is telling you it needs and discover natural and holistic approaches to support it. 


Book a free discovery call with Katrina today. 

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Introducing Katrina

Katrina O'Duffy is lead health coach at My Collective Compass. She is highly passionate about helping people to navigate their wellness journey and learn to listen intuitively to their body. Find out more.

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What clients say

"I have been on a self awareness journey since 2018, but never realised how our food habits were connected to our spiritual awaken. After first connecting with Katrina, she was very kind and first made me realise these connections between the mind & body and then she facilitated me to think on my own in terms of my emotions and food needs. She helped me in all spheres in my life! Starting with food, then emotions and then choices!"


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