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Wellness starts with nutrition

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Are you ready for a sustainable change to look and feel great? 


This is an exciting moment, because you've landed upon a long-term, holistic solution to improving your health, wellbeing and body composition.  

What this isn't:

  • This isn't a diet. If you're here you probably already know these aren't sustainable or healthy

  • This isn't pre-recorded content on an app with no real interaction from experts or support to change your habits 

So what is it?

  • This is the expert knowledge and experience we've acquired over years to transform our own wellbeing, that we have made into an 8-week coaching programme to help you start your wellness journey with the right knowledge, tools and support.  

This will be the last 'new thing' you'll need to try to find what works for you.   

Where to start with wellness


Wellness is multifaceted and you can approach improving your wellness in many ways. But when you're starting out and looking for a significant shift in energy, immunity and longevity; start with the information you are giving your body ie food.  


Food is information to the body. Eating with a nutritional mindset cultivates a healthy environment for your mind and body to thrive. Eating without a nutritional mindset, leaves you exposed to the risk of disease, obesity, mental health issues and ultimately a shorter life.  


The writing is on the wall. Processed foods, sugar, deceiving marketing and diet culture are making us sick. But thankfully it is possible to break-free from the cycle and start improving your wellbeing for good. Just like we have.


Nutrition is the key to unlocking holistic wellness  


You can start your wellbeing transformation by changing what's on your plate. Food really is that powerful!  


In our 8-week group programme, 'Wellness starts with nutrition' we support you on your journey to discovering real food.

You will be empowered to: 


  • Walk around the supermarket with your eyes wide open 

  • Understand the depth of connection between food and your wellbeing 

  • Break-free from habits that are holding you back from thriving 

  • Fuel your body intuitively to feel energised and well 

  • Move forward in life with a nutrition mindset 

You might currently be: 

  • Feeling a general sense of low energy, tired and lethargic every morning  

  • Experiencing brain fog and a lack of concentration in activities 

  • Craving sugary treats mid-morning and afternoon 

  • Uninspired with what to try next as no diet has worked before 

  • Feeling like you have a grasp of what is healthy but not sure what is missing and why you don't feel good on a day-to-day basis 

  • Bored of not feeling 100% yourself  

  • Bloated and inflamed after most meals 


After the programme, you will: 

  • Understand what foods to eat and what works for you and your body  

  • Sleep better and wake up feeling more energetic 

  • Have improved digestion 

  • Start to notice a difference in body composition 

  • Feel confident in your body and clothes 

  • Be empowered by a nutrition mindset that you can take forward for the rest of your life 

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Wellness starts with nutrition

Programme outline

Programme dates: Coming soon 


Each week you'll join a live session with nutrition expert and certified health coach, Katrina O'Duffy, along with other people just like you. We take a supportive approach to helping people to learn, grow and thrive.  For any questions, please send us an email 


What's included in the 8-week programme? 


  • Weekly group live session via Zoom (60-90 minutes) 

  • Access to a wellness coach for support or questions 

  • Weekly recipes 

  • Community support 


Live session content: 


Week 1: Unpicking food and supermarket labels 

Week 2: Planning and preparing nutritional meals 

Week 3: The bitter sweet story of sugar 

Week 4: Improving your immunity with whole foods 

Week 5: Deconstructing food cravings 

Week 6: Managing stress nutritionally  

Week 7: Longevity and intuition 

Week 8: Moving forward with your nutrition mindset 

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What clients say

"Katrina approached everything in a clear and methodical manner which made it easy to understand and really wants to help in every way to make you better - this enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject is infectious and gives you all the tools you need to be better with a secure structure around you and with an approachable and passionate coach"


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