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I no longer felt like I'd failed my New Year goals when I realised this.

How have you been going with your goals since New Year? You know, personally I have always found it hard to come up with a goal for the New Year and always felt the immense social pressure to suddenly strive and be excellent at everything post-Christmas. Have you ever felt that way?

I there's a couple of things that make it so hard to hit our goals in January.

1. We try to change all the things at once and can’t keep them all up so just stop because it’s easier but then you feel like you’re failing

2. We’re in the middle of winter!

If you think about nature and animals at this time of year, they’re hibernating, resting, going through a process of regeneration. Yet, us humans don’t adhere to the natural seasons - maybe thinking they don’t apply to us - but I think they do.

According to the Mayan calendar, the New Year really should fall in line with the beginning of spring because that’s when everything starts to bloom and it is the same for us. Which is why I decided not to set any major goals in January and February but give myself space to tune in to what I need right now - sleeping more, different exercise routine, nourishing my body and mind. I've also spent time preparing something exciting for you that launches in March!

At My Collective Compass, believe the foundation to your health is formed by a few pillars - nutrition, sleep, movement and relationships. But nutrition is the key to unlocking holistic wellness and you can start your wellbeing transformation by changing what's on your plate. Food really is that powerful. I’ve gone from being on medication for over 20 years to none and food was the key to unlocking the change - because I already had a foundation of moving a lot and had worked on my stress reduction for some time - which improved my IBS but I needed something more to heal fully. Emma, our other founder at MCC, has healed her body from Crohn's disease by changing what's on her plate!

'Nutrition starts with wellness' is not another diet programme, this is a programme to support you in transforming how you eat, long-term. If you are looking to lose weight, that will happen naturally as a result of transforming the way you eat. Click here to find more.

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