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It's time to give your employees' wellbeing a launch pad to thrive​.

Discover our corporate wellness coaching programmes to support employee health, retention and productivity. ​

Mistake #1

They implement an online learning platform​


Trawling through on-demand videos and tutorials does not engage people or support them to make behavioural changes​. A platform should only be implemented as a supporting resource as part of a wider programme.

Mistake #2

They overlook the importance of the basic pillars to wellbeing

Bringing puppies into the office to give people a boost of joy is lovely (and please invite us next time!), but what about the day-to-day healthy habits that will help them to consistently show up to work alert and inspired?​

Most businesses who try to support employee wellbeing make two mistakes:​

Successful wellness in the workplace relies on three distinct factors


Success factor #1

Understanding the fundamentals of wellness

There are four core pillars that we must find balance in to build a foundation for improved wellbeing​.

Success factor #2

Achieving behavioural change

Turning inspiration into long-term behavioural changes requires the right tools and techniques to support change​.

Success factor #3

Providing community and accountability

Being surrounded by a community on the same journey makes change easier and having a coach to check-in with improves accountability​.

If you don't incorporate these three components, you won't move the needle on employee wellness.​ In order to support sustainable improvements to employee wellness, you've got to address each component.  


Introducing My Collective Compass

Corporate wellness coaching programmes​


Our corporate wellness programmes facilitate learning with behavioural change backed up by accountability and the support of a community. ​

Together, we can help your team to thrive both personally and professionally.

Our programmes include...

  • Live interactive workshops
    Live workshops delivered by a certified health coach encourage interaction and questions

  • Group wellness challenges
    Post-workshop challenges provide practical steps to action each day towards a goal

  • Inspiring curated content
    Extended reading and listening options from some of our favourite health and wellness experts

  • Complimentary movement, relaxation and nutrition content
    On-demand access to exclusive My Collective Compass yoga, meditations and recipes

  • Support and check-ins
    Support throughout the program with built-in check points and Q&A sessions


One last reminder!


How we approach wellness in the workplace is different. We aren't about just serving up information to your teams.​ We provide the knowledge, tools and techniques to equip and support employees to make sustainable changes to improve their wellbeing. 

If you want to see your teams make a step change from surviving to thriving with the support of a robust coaching methodology, My Collective Compass is the partner for your business. ​​

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What clients say

"Katrina approached everything in a clear and methodical manner which made it easy to understand and really wants to help in every way to make you better - this enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject is infectious and gives you all the tools you need to be better with a secure structure around you and with an approachable and passionate coach"


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